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Printable Forms

Download + Print the SEAI Better Homes Grant Application Form:

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You can complete the form online by clicking here, or download the form above and post to the Better Homes Scheme:

Better Energy Homes Scheme
The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
P.O. Box 119
Co. Kerry

Your SEAI Grant Offer will issue to your postal address and you will have 30 days in which to accept and validate your Grant Offer. If you do not return your acceptance your offer will lapse and you will have to reapply. You must not make any purchases or commence works until you have accepted the offer. The Grant Offer, once accepted by the applicant, remains valid for six (6) months from the date of issue of the Grant Offer notification.  Contact Southern Green Homes if you require assistance with the Grant Process.  We’re happy to help.




An additional form is required for Solar Panel Installations.  Please complete the Solar Commissioning Report below and retain for your files in the event your installation is chosen for an inspection. This is a government scheme requirement for applicants installing solar panels.

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You may also be eligible for HSE Grants through the Housing Aid for Older Persons Scheme.  HSE Grants under this scheme are available up to €10,500 and up to 100% of renovation costs including the costs of:

  • structural repairs or improvements
  • disability bathrooms
  • re-wiring, repair or replacement of windows and doors
  • the provision of water, sanitary services and heating
  • cleaning and painting
  • radon remediation
  • any other repair or improvement work considered necessary


Visit the HSE Website for more details.

Application forms are available from your local housing authority.


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