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Available Grants

SEI Grants Available from Southern Green Homes

*Annual Savings are based on averages.  More accurate estimates can be made through BER assessment of your actual property and works needed and completed.

**Cash Grants are set value unless expenditure is below the set value, in which case the actual expenditure will be reimbursed.

***A Building Energy Rating (BER) is an integral part of all grant applications under the HES scheme, whereby homeowners must undertake a BER on their home after grant aided works have been completed. A homeowner is entitled to BER funding of €80 once per home. This funding will be applied to your grant application automatically provided you have never applied previously for BER funding. You will be informed during the online grant application process if BER funding is available for your home or as part of your Letter of Grant Offer if you have applied through the post.



SEAI Grants are available through the Better Homes Scheme.  Grants are available to eligible applicants for undertaking the works above, in accordance with the requirements contractor Code of Practice Technical Specification.

Please note that these grant levels are different to those previously available under the Home Energy Saving scheme and are up to date as of Nov. 2011.

Please note the minimum grant amount for the first application must be €400. A BER grant, where applicable, does not count towards the €400 minimum.
Grants are claimed after the measures are completed and the contractor, i.e. Southern Green Homes, has been paid by or entered a financing agreement with the homeowner.

Cash grants are fixed, irrespective of home size, though where actual expenditure is lower than the grant value only the lower amount will be paid. Payment is by Electronic Funds Transfer to the applicant’s bank.

You can apply for all SEAI Grants Online by clicking here.

Homeowners are required to retain their invoices and receipts for all works undertaken and to have them available for presentation to SEAIpersonnel or its agent / inspector should their home be selected for QA inspection or for audit by SEAI.

An additional form is required for Solar Panel Installations.  Please complete the solar commissioning report and retain for your files in the event your installation is chosen for an inspection. This is a government scheme requirement for applicants installing solar panels.


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